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Without a doubt the largest selection of beer in Hammond and probably anyplace on the North Shore. We boast one of the largest selections of imported beer. We carry brews from around the world, literally. Did you know that Sri Lanka makes beer? How about Israel, Vietnam? Yes, if you never thought it could be true, it probably is... Also, tons of domestics! Sorry, no Bud, Coors or Miller.... our passion is craft.

If you are one of those people that get easily bored drinking the same beer over and over... You are going to love us! We currently feature over 1000 different beers. Naturally, from all over the world and as local as right here in Hammond. We also buy tons of seasonal beers from a wide range of brewers. If it's hot, we have  a beer to cool you. If it's cold, we have a beer to warm you too!

We are also a MAJOR supporter of craft and local beer! If it's Untitled Art, Humble Forager, Clown Shoes, or Terrapin, we probably have it. We also carry all Louisiana beers. In addittion to that, We stock Gnarly Barley (of Hammond) in Kegs too. So, get one for your next party or just for the kegarator. 

If it's available in Louisiana, It's probably here! 
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